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The Sheepmaster Stud, have several bitches at Stud all with Certificates of Merit.  All our breeding Stock have had a blood DNA Genetic test done for CEA – Collie Eye Anomally and found to be clear.   So we will also not accept outside bitches for a mating that have not had a DNA  test done for CEA.

The pups from the Stud Dog Taddymoor Troy (Optigen Test No 08-10708. A Blood DNA test for CEA/CH is normal) imported from Wales are a already being trained by their new owners.   The pups from the second litter will start training in a few months time.

Kelly has a litter from Taddymoor Troy of 5 Bitches and one Male. 

Debbie a Grand daughter of Kelly has been mated to Troy.  Six pups were born. Four bitches and two males.  All beautifully marked.

Pups from SM Tammy and Joss are exceptionally good dogs.   Highly intelligent easily trained and are doing work beyond their age.

Nonnie a young tri-coloured bitch Wally has just started training is showing all the qualities of the paternal Great, Great,  Great, Grand Mother “Nonnie” and  her Great Grandmother “Steffi”.  She has a quiet way of working her sheep and a way of floating and balancing behind her sheep that is magical to watch.  She has had two weeks training and knows her flank commands and is working like a dog that has had years of experience.

Steffi used on the Advertising Posters and Programme for the Soldier Hollow Trial, Utah America.   


The Soldier Hollow trial in Utah, USA in which Wally and Steffi took part in 2006 and which has been described in the International Sheepdog News Magazine as the Premier trial at this time.

The organizer of the trial Mark Petersen chose Steffi to grace the front cover of his Programme and the Posters and in Major adverts advertising the trial in 2007.

There were many other well known and Top Handlers with their dogs at this trial that could have been chosen.

Mr Bobby Henderson – Scottish Chamion and who has won the Supreme in England as as well as a previous winner of  Soldier Hollow.  Michael Longton who went back to England after the trial and place third at the Supreme.

****(The Supreme (also known as the International) is the highest honour a dog can gain in England.   It is when teams from England, Scotland, Wales and Ierland compete against each other.   Team selections are made when 150 dogs who have gained enough points at trials during the year take part at their English, Scottish, Welsh and Irish National trials.  The top 15 dogs are then the representatives of their countries.

The current Canadian Champion, Amanda Milliken and her  dogs Ethel and Bart.  Beverly Lambert winner of the Soldier Hollow for two years in succession.   Bill Berhow three times winner of the American National Final and runner up four times.   Bruce Fogt two times American National Final winner.  KathyKnox previous winner of the American Final.  Tom Wilson twice winner of the Nursery National Final and Semi-finalist at the World Trial in Tullamore Ierland.  As well as 30 other Handlers who have won various prestigious trials in America.

Mr David Rees, Authour, Journalist and respected Sheepdog Handler who reports for the “The Working Sheepdog News” in England and the “The Working Border Collie” magazine in America.  Had this to say about Steffi in his report for both magazines.  “It was a pleasure to watch Wally Ward from South Africa and the pushy Steffi work sheep at Soldier Hollow.”


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