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February 2012

Started selling rams in the last week of February.  Had buyers everyday somedays two and up to three buyers  and by the end of the week there were very few rams left.   The customers statisfaction with the results they are seeing at home made most of them take more rams than they had in the past.    Every customer is experiencing very positive improvement in their flocks.  For some of the farmers the  improvements in the flock are very dramatic.

Wally’s way of presenting the first to the last  buyer with the best chance of getting good rams is to only bring in a group of rams and then re-mixing the left over ones with the big group, before the next buyer comes.   The last buyer, left with Special Rams.    It gives everyone a very fair chance. 

June 16th 2011

Scanned ewes to-day.   It was with trepidation that we started scanning today as the results   from scanners was that percentages were low this year and with very low twin percentages. 

Stud ewes scanned 96,86% with  25%twins.

 The flock ewes scanned 94 % with the largest percentage of these ewes being young and maiden ewes.  Here only 8 % twins.    One group of older ewes only four ewes were scanned empty.

June 7th  : It started raining on Monday Night at about 10.00pm and continued all day Tuesday and Tues – Night  up to about 1.00pm on Wednesday.  We recorded 132mm of Rain.   

 The young rams were in the low lying veld and were standing Belly Deep in the Water.  It was quite a mission to get them out.   The water came in over the top of your Gumboots.

The River over its banks

The Water had receded by quite a few feet from its high by the morning.    

 This is a stream passing through the farm, it was turned into a river.We get  cut off when it flows this strongly.  We do have a back road which you need a 4 x 4 vehicle  to get out.   So much water just flowing away.  In a drought you would love just one inch of all this rain. 

                  Tammy driving away some ewes after scanning over the same bridge that was in flood the previous week.   You can see the damage caused to the bridge.


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