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South African Brace Champions 2009

Geena & Kelly with owner Kathleen Ward

See Posts for Breypaal History.  Life on the Farm.  

Other pages that carry more on the sheep are under pages  Letelle and Letelle History.  The dogs are under pages Kelpie.


Telephone : 051 7137090 Cell/Mobile 0824123045  Wally’s cel 073 011 6626   :   e-mail breipaal@zipplink.co.za  SHEEPMASTER STUD for Border Collies & Kelpies.  We Farm in the Southern Free State, South Africa.    Our  nearest town is Smithfield.  We started in 1990 with our first dog. A Red Kelpie Bitch called Trixie.   Her natural ability gave us a great respect for the Kelpie.   It led to the importation of two Kelpies from Tim Austin’s Stud, Elfinvale, Victoria in Australia.   Sally was a solid red bitch and Bradley a Solid Black Dog.  

In 2009 we imported a  Smoothed haired Border Collie Male from Wales called Taddymoore Troy to use in our breeding programme.

We have a Letelle Stud.  A sheep breed known for its fine wool and good mutton qualities.  This is a sheep breed developed in South Africa  the Society was established on 24th August 1951.   

We shear a wool clip of average 18,2 micron wool (In the 2011 season entire clip measured 17.9 micron)  and because of the fertility of the sheep with good mothering abilities we have an over 100% weaning average.    The sheep are robust and do well in extensive grazing conditions.    We have always culled for flighty temperament (in other words a ewe that abandons her lamb when approached) would be culled as well as her ewe lamb.  We expect the mother to defend her lamb.   They are usually a pain to move as they are so busy fussing over their lambs.  The ratio of  rams per ewes is less as the rams are efficient workers and do not mate with a ewe that they have already mated.    We have a client who is  in his third season buying rams.  So this means the first maidens were mated this year and the lamb crop of this year weighed and average of 4o kg (and they were not fat at time of weaning) compared to the past where he battled to get an average of 28/29 Kgs.   These lambs can be marketed once they have been rounded off giving you an immediate income compared to the past where the lambs were a year old before they left the farm as ‘Stoor’ Lambs.  THE LATEST NEWS ON THIS CLIENT IS –  Before he also shore an Average of 1,8 Kg and now with more  young sheep coming into his flock it is up to 3.2 KG wool.   Talk about money in your pocket.   Another client always sold his lambs as stoor lammers to his neighbour after starting to use Letelle rams they became too heavy for his neigbour to buy.  He also now sends his lambs directly to the abattoir putting the money in HIS pocket. 

We have found that buyers who speculate with Hamel lambs cannot buy them as they are to heavy and they have to pay too much.  Feedlots also find our lambs to heavy, although they are extremely popular with the feedlots as they gain good weight.   Therefore we always market our lambs directly to the abattoir.

These 6 Month old lambs weigh an average of 45 Kg

Agterkwart van verkoops ramme in 2009 – Sales string in 2009


Mother and Twins born in the Snow


Debbie as a Pup working the lambs in 2008

Group of Ewes & Ram

Ram & ewe held by Steffi

This was a 2010 photograph.

Kelly with the pregnant Ewes

 This was early morning when we went on our rounds of checking on the lambing.    There were no losses in the snow.



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  1. Wallie , julle het ‘n pragtige storie hier met die mooiste skape. Ek stuur vir jou ramkopers en kom self. Groete Lourens .

  2. I met Wally at Nampo this year. I bought a farm recently behind Schalk v d Walt.Your site is very impressive and well done. I will be in touch. Regards Terry Lowe

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