Border Collies (Colours – Coats & Ears)

There are many colours and hair lengths in the Border Collie.   These dogs were bred out of Collies (colleys) and there were many colours.     

  White pricked eared bitch with excellent pigmentation.   Her palate was black and the pads of her feet were black – like she had stepped out of old oil.    There are certainly differences in the types of White dogs you get and it something that must be guarded against at all cost and not breed because it is something different.  I can certainly say that your dog has to be good with sheep as the sheep react very differently to these dogs, than to the black and white and even when the dogs go the same sheep the reaction is the same each time (skittish).   This can also be said of the Red Kelpie.   So people wanting something different must be well aware of this.  This dog lived to a ripe age and never went deaf and so we have had other White dogs that went to different owners and they never went deaf.  But is it a known fact that many white dogs with black over their heads go deaf early.   So do be very vigilant.  

 Here is a Tri-colour Border Collie pup.  

 Ticking are the black spots over the nose and on the legs. 

 One medium coated bitch and  a smooth coated tri-colour both with pricked ears.  The one at the back with ticking (black spots) over the face. 

 A Border Collie with Colouring not often seen with semi-erect ears. 

Here is what is called a Saddleback.   

Red & White Collie with light coloured eyes


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