Cybershot my Show Horse

This is my 5-Gaited Show Horse -Not great yet but we are working on it.   He has the loveliest temparament and such a willing nature.   It has been years since I had a horse to work so it has been a lot of fun.   We got a eighth place in the pleasure Horse Division at the National Championships in 2011 in Bloemfontein.This is my first horse that I have gaited myself and this was in the Winter of 2010.   The two of us are learning together. Here is the glorious tail of one of my previous horses.    It was truly beautiful and went right around his body.

With a little thought and practical care you can grow such a tail on any horse.

Hair grows you must not break it off.

cyber 2nd day triole


War Cry also known as “Skaapie” (reserved for when he is too full of himself)  was a horse who had, had a bad experience with a horse trainer.   He had shut down and his skin did not even flinch when touched.  He could also could not put a foot forward if you put blinkers on him.   He froze a the slightest sight or sound.   With no encouragement from anyone…everybody had the same thing to say.. You will never get him right and he will drop you.   I did not work him consistantly during the year.  But with the close of Bloemfontein show entries I saw there was a class for Show Hacks.   And I thought this is the class for this horse.    so four days later he was brought in from the veld and we started.    He did go with to a show just to be taken around there so that we could experience what his reaction would be.  He was very much in the flight mode and wanted to take off all the time.

Well at Bfn  he made it through two classes.  The Country Pleasure and Show Hack and did not disgrace himself or me.

I am so proud of you  VANIT’Y’S WAR CRY.     YOU DID IT



War Cry 1War Cry 002


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