Gate Latches

Some Ideas for gate latches that make life easier.     Also  a gate in the shed that swings and can be taken around the sheep or you can slide it back if the sheep are in the way.    There is also a picture of a lure sheep used at the end of the race to help lure the sheep in while you dog brings up the rear.

Pole with a slot for the chain

Swing gate and lure sheep in background

This gate is used in the shearing shed. It can slide down the side of the pen, it can swing open.   It has a chain on both ends so that it can be closed no matter what end lands up when you close it.     The lure sheep in the background helps the first sheep to go in.    This sheep can be of the breed you own so that the sheep can recognise its own kind.

Wall catch

This gate is against a wall it has a hole drilled into the metal.   The pen has a spring to keep it from moving back and a metal rod that guides the pen to the hole.

Bugle shaped kraal

Kraal fences are bugle shaped and in the shed v-shaped to facilitate the filling of the race or kraals.

Gate slot catch

This is for the swing gate a slanted slot for a chain the be hooked into.


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