Grootfontein 100 years


 These stones are found on a farm inthe Jansenville district.  No information locally can be obtained from the locals as to why they were packed this way.   Was it to mark something?  Was it to commeorate something?   There is a graveyard nearby.  



Grootfontein Agricultural College held their 100 year celebrations on the 30th June and 1st July 2011.

Wally and Joe Bishop from Hanover were in attendance during the two days.   Wally took the sheep that were prepared for Nampo and that had not been shorn to Grootfontein for the festivities.

Part of the stall in the tent

These sheep continue to draw interest from all who view them.   The comments continue to be extremely favourable.    Some people came back four times to have a thorough look at the wool and the sheep.
Joe Bishop in the background of the photo below.

Rams in the viewing pens

The one ram has white wool that astounds everybody who sees it.   They all think this is a once off.   One of the Sires used in the Stud has the same wool and in the string of rams that are used there are several other rams with the same wool.  So it is something that has been produced in this stud and can be reproduced with careful mating.      Wally has always selected rams with the highest quality wool and with correct conformation keeping a balance.    It is certainly starting to pay-off.   Once again I would like to say that we had no body-strikes during the past summer which was an exceptionally wet season.   Compared to the major complaint in the district the past season.

LANDBOU WEEKBLAD OF 11TH JULY (Nguni on the front Cover)

There is a photograph of  the Letelle Ram with Wally and Joe.   There were 15 other sheep stalls exhibited at the celebrations.    The Letelle certainly seemed to be  an eye catcher and stamped there impression on all who saw them.


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