Lambing Times – see update

For Spring Lambing Mate your ewes in March for lambing in August.

April for September

May for October.

It is a known fact that the earlier you lamb the heavier your lambs are at weaning.   The later the lighter.   These might catch up at some time after a year but in the meantime they remain lighter.   This was also confirm by a British Farmer who came out to SA a few years ago to judge a sheepdog trial.  They also like earlier lambing as they sell fat lambs.    Even if the weather can be inclement in August you wean heavier lambs.   What is a factor that will make it difficult to lam in certain months is the availablitiy of green feed for you ewes.   Some parts of the country are just to cold to lamb earlier.

Your twin percentage is also higher for a spring lambing than a Autumn lambing.

Depending on your management style you might like to have a Autumn lambing as well.   Then you would mate in October for February or November for April or December for May.   Your conception rate might be lower for this time of year.

August 2012

Our flock ewes are nearing the end of the lambing.  I had a flock of 705 ewes the very cold weather and wind that we had caused a loss of eight lambs one night.   This is more than I sometimes have over and entire lambing period.   Now that it has hotted up…the lambs find the weather too hot and do not like to walk…the ewes want to come down to water..


The  other losses are a odd ewe casting herself and two (*malformed lambs) one breached birth.    *Maybe the result of the Japan nuclear disaster.   After the disaster at Chernobyl, Russia we had many deformed lambs for two years.   Many of the lambs would split unable to stand up, I learnt how to form a bandage to keep the legs together until they could stand after a few days.  Some took weeks.    

Any ewe without a lamb has been given a triplet or a twin.    We find grafting a lamb onto a ewe very easy some take a few hours and they are settled.


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