Nampo 2013

The 2013 Nampo exibition was a  resounding success.   There was a constant flow of visitors to the stall and visitors who had viewed the sheep in previous years were asking more questions.   As they see that the type of sheep exibihited year after  year remain of high quality.   The three Stud breeders(Gerrie du Toit, Joe Bishop and Wally Ward)  who were in attendance at the stall had there work cut out to answer questions.    There was no time for relaxation.   There is a constant feedback from visitors to the stall on the Sheep.    With the largest part of  South Africa experiencing  exremely dry conditions, people find that their Letelle stock are in good condition . 


Nampo 2013 026

Joe Bishop from Hanover showing the wool of Gerrie du Toit’s (Barkly East) Ram.        

In the Background the Lovely New Banner for the Letelle Stall made by Tom Watson.

Nampo 2011

 Cheetah Rugby Players visiting the Letelle Stall

 AJ Burger from Sutherland opening the wool of a Ram for the Cheetah Rugby Players who visited the stall during Nampo 2011.  

              Some of the fine wool fleeces on exhibition at the 2011 NAMPO Stall.  

              There were times when there were 45 visitors in the stall at one time. Much interest was shown in the sheep exhibited.  

These sheep can certainly recharge your flocks batteries. 

Gerrie du Toit from Barkly East who was also on hand through out the week at  Nampo to advise and help visitors on all the aspects of the Letelle sheep.  


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