Puppies (Raising)

To raise a puppy successfully is most probably the hardest part of training a sheepdog.   A young pup gets into so much mischief and at the same time can develop bad habits.   The free running pup working cats all day long can lead to a pup who either has no energy to work when the time comes or does not like the pressure you put on it, as it did what it liked when working the cats.   If there are chickens on the yard they might not deliberately kill one but will herd it or chase it until cornered and then the pulling of feathers start and you end up with one dead or very stressed chicken.   So the pup needs to be under your watchful eye and corrected when wanting to work the chickens/cats.   This is where the kennel comes in it has a safe place to stay and play when not supervised by you.   The training a  Border Collie/Kelpie starts the day you receive your wonderful future mate from the Breeder.   It will be able to come when called by its name.   Learning to wear a light collar and when a little older to walk on a leash.   The pup can accompany you in your daily routine of checking on stock going with the LDV to check watering points. But do put the pup in his run when you are busy with farm equipment and he can land up under the wheels of the tractor, trailer or other farm machinery.  A favourite resting place of a dog/pup is under a vehicle ALWAYS HAVE THIS IN MIND WHEN STARTING YOU VEHICLE.

  Some training is always taking place with the young pup.  The pup must stay in the vehicle when you get out to open a gate.   At feeding time and you put down a bowl of food the pup can be made to sit.  Later you add lie down.   When the attention span is better you do little stays.   These basic commands are what you use when going to sheep.

9 Week old pups having gathered a flock of sheep


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